Sisters of St. Mary Of oregon Kitchen Renovation

ren·o·va·tion (noun): The roots of renovation refer to newness and doing something again — it’s from the Latin re- for “again” and novare which means, “make new.” After renovation, things look new and improved. Before the word underwent renovation, in the early 15th century, renovacyoun meant “spiritual rebirth,” which is how you might feel after your kitchen is redone. —

The key to any home is the kitchen, and the Sisters’ kitchen is in urgent need of a major renovation. It has been more than 60 years since the SSMO Motherhouse kitchen has undergone substantial renovation. The existing kitchen is outdated, rundown, not energy-efficient, presents accessibility barriers, and is out of compliance with the latest safety codes.

There are numerous benefits of a renewed and improved kitchen:

  • Updated facilities and equipment will reduce the stress and strain for those preparing 180 nutritious meals per day.

  • The new kitchen design and equipment will keep food warm for meals scheduled around Mass and prayer time.

  • Celebratory meals, such as Sisters’ Feast Days, Jubilees and holidays will require less effort.

  • This 1652 square foot space, once renovated, will be much more than a kitchen; it will be the place where the compassionate spirits of the Sisters gain sustenance to thrive, nourishing them so they may live out their commitments to their mission.

The cost of this project is $780,000.  Please consider making a gift to sustain the health, wellness and spirits of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon who reside at the Motherhouse, and help them continue their sponsored ministries in the community.

The project is scheduled to begin June 2019 and will be ready to serve the Sisters in fall 2019.  Please contact Patricia Blood at for more information.