The Sequoia Society recognizes donors who include one of the SSMO entities (the Sisters, Valley Catholic School, Maryville or the SSMO Foundation) in their estate plans. Estate planning offers options to create your own legacy with the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon and their sponsored ministries.

By designating an SSMO entity in your will, life insurance policy or retirement plan, you can make a significant gift while maximizing estate tax savings for your family and heirs.

We are tremendously grateful to the following individuals who have thoughtfully included the SSMO Ministries in their estate plans:

Alexander and Fely Abaria
Bob and Chris Adelman
Julian and Jeanie Amaya
Tara Bassett ’77
Reverend Donald Buxman
Lyle Cobb
Dorothy J. Davy
Rev. Msgr. Arthur P. Dernbach
Michael and Michelle Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. James Gower
Alison Graves
Margaret Heineck ’46
Raymond and Catherine Honerlah
Kathryn M. Kreutzer
Catherine Lach ’73
Kathleen Bassett Magnusson ’66
Mr. Paul Mann
Skip and Dorothy McBratney
Gordon and Debora Sepich
Roger W. Sherman
Linda Spenner
Scott and Terri Stream
Marv and Dina Trachta
Lorna VanderZanden ’71
Mrs. Berniece Volpe
Yvonne Weber ’47
Dwain H. Quandt