How do I make a gift of securities?

Begin by making a call to the SSMO Foundation Office at 503-718-6481 to notify us of your intention. There are three standard methods of delivery:

1. Through a broker

The most common method of delivery is through a brokerage house, using a depository trust company (DTC) transfer. This electronic method transfers the stock from your account to an account in the name of the SSMO Foundation. To avoid paying capital gains taxes on the gift, you must transfer the stock, and not sell it.

Gifts of securities to the SSMO Foundation can be transferred directly to Morgan Stanley Smith Barney by following these instructions:

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
Contact: Mindy Kim
805 SW Broadway Ste 2300
Portland, OR 97205-3363

DTC Number: 0015
Account Name: Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation
Account Number: 766-127472
Federal Tax Number: 93-1253966

As a donor, you must not direct the broker to sell the stock for the SSMO Foundation. Stock sold by a donor for the SSMO Foundation is treated as a cash gift and will expose the donor to capital gains tax liability.

2. By mail

If you have the stock certificate in your possession, you may send it to the SSMO Foundation either by certified mail or overnight service. Mail the unendorsed certificate to:

SSMO Foundation
4440 SW 148th Ave
Beaverton OR 97078-2745

Include a disclaimer letter stating the disposition of the gift. For example, “The enclosed certificate represents my contribution to the SSMO Foundation.”

In a separate envelope, mail a signed blank stock power form with your signature as it appears on the certificate. Stock power forms may be obtained from a bank, a brokerage firm, or the SSMO Foundation office. Please also include a copy of the disclaimer letter, described above.

3. By hand

If you deliver the stock in person to the SSMO Foundation office, you may endorse the back of the certificate(s) in our presence or sign a stock power form.