Make a gift to the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, Valley Catholic School, Maryville or the SSMO Foundation.


Thank you for considering a gift to benefit the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon and their sponsored ministries. Your donation will help the Sisters continue their service in the community through child development and education, lifelong learning, elder care, sacred space for contemplation and retreat, and off-campus outreach and ministry. You can support the Sisters’ work through a variety of giving options:

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund directs donations to the support of Valley Catholic School, Maryville, and the Sisters’ outreach ministries. Gifts are used during the year they are received to help offset operational expenses. Every gift to the Annual Fund benefits those we serve in a direct and powerful way. We hope that all who have been enriched by the mission and vision of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon will participate in the Annual Fund at the level they are able. You may designate your Annual Fund gift to “the greatest need” or for any of the Sisters’ ministries.

Capital Gifts

Capital gifts support new construction, major renovations, endowment, and bold program initiatives. Such projects not only improve the campus environment, they permit us to meet the changing needs of the Sisters, our students, and the residents at Maryville. Our most recent capital projects include an artificial turf athletic fields (Fall 2014), an auditorium renovation (Fall 2015), and a new high school science building (Fall 2016).


Non-cash gifts are gratefully received for use by the Sisters, Maryville, and Valley Catholic School. Typical gifts-in-kind have included produce, plants, flowers, lap quilts, wheelchairs and electric scooters, and athletic equipment.

Gifts in Memory of or in Honor of

Gifts may be made in memory of or in honor of and individual or their birthday, anniversary, graduation, marriage or other significant life event. The family members of those being remembered or the honoree receive notification of the gift, including the donor’s name, without specifying the amount.

Gifts of Securities

Begin by making a call to the SSMO Foundation Office at 503-718-6481 to notify us of your intention. Learn more.

Planned Giving

Planned gifts provide an opportunity for donors to support the Sisters, Valley Catholic School, and Maryville through deferred gifts. Donors who create trusts, bequests or other planned gifts, including insurance policies, are honored with membership in the Sequoia Society. If you are considering including the Sisters, Maryville or Valley Catholic School in your will, or have already done so, please contact Patricia Blood, SSMO Foundation Executive Director.


The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation hosts a series of unique fundraising events providing opportunities to interact, celebrate and make a collective impact in our campus community. The Foundation relies on the generosity of its sponsors and partners to ensure the success of these events.

All gifts to the SSMO Foundation, the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, Valley Catholic School, and Maryville are tax-deductible. Gifts are acknowledged and receipted through the SSMO Foundation office.