The Marian Garden, with its “living arbor,” is located behind the VCS elementary/middle school and was originally gifted to the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon from VCS families in honor of their 125th Anniversary. It was constructed in 2011 by an Eagle Scout and several volunteers. Over time, the courtyard and its structures have weathered and now need renovating.

Last spring, VCS Middle School Principal, Jennifer Gfroerer, and the eighth grade National Junior Honor Society collaborated with Matt Sander Landscape Services of Beaverton to reimagine the Marian Garden for their annual community service project. The Marian Garden’s new design is thoughtfully planned with native plants and water conservation in mind. The project includes architectural slabs for stepping stones, teak benches, native trees and greenery.

Installation of the project began in March 2018. Once completed, the Marian Garden will be a serene yet functional multi-use space. Its flexible design will support the VCS community, providing an outdoor space for class instruction, studying, or gathering spot for students, teachers and medium size groups.

In honor of the Sisters’ continuing commitment to education, we invite you to recognize their legacy with a gift and/or personal commemoration. Thank you for your generous support!



The following commemoration opportunities are available:

  • Stepping stone (engraved) ($250 each)
  • Benches (w/plaque) ($500 each)
  • Trees (w/plaque) ($1,000 each)

For questions about the project or making a gift, please contact Sabrina Blue at (503) 718-6480 or