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Once a Valiant, Always a Valiant! Alumni Night in the Valiant Gym

Over 100 Alumni gathered back on campus for Varsity Basketball vs. Warrenton. As Alumni entered the new Valiants gym many were greeted by old friend, Grandpa Jake. Grandpa Jake was thrilled to see old faces and tell stories of days gone by. The Patron Store t-shirt cannon was a huge hit.  Many alumni tried their best as the Alumni Free Throw Completion, but only Sam Bethel made the swoosh. Both the Boys and Girls teams beat Warrenton. After the games many stayed to honor the 2007 teams on their 5 year Anniversary of their state victories (Boys- 1st place and Girls-2nd place).

Adria Gredvig was the lucky recipient of the Raccoon Lodge gift certificate. Thank you to Raccoon Lodge for their generosity and hosting our after party. We filled the Raccoon Lodge pub with Valiant spirit and plenty of good cheer. Once a Valiant, Always a Valiant!