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HS Vacation Packages: The Challenge Is On!

Dear Valley Catholic School High School Families,

The 2013 Valley Catholic School Gala (formerly known as the Auction) was officially launched during an exciting all-campus assembly two weeks ago. The High School Vacation Packages campaign was also launched at that time. The Gala Committee has asked high school families to help contribute the underwriting expense of these high school vacation packages with a suggested donation of $25.00 per student.

The real competition begins this week during Catholic Schools Week. We encourage each high school family to participate and help their student’s class earn spirit points and improve their chances to win the coveted “spirit stick”! We have had many generous donations and will soon be working with our students to create exciting vacation packages from these funds. The race is on and here are the current standings:

1st place: Freshmen – 12.36%

2nd place: Seniors – 12.07%

3rd place: Juniors – 5.32%

4th place: Sophomores – 4.35%

The class with the highest participation rate will receive 500 spirit points and a Krispy Kreme party. The class with the second highest participation rate will receive 400 spirit points and the third place class will receive 300 spirit points. The class with the lowest participation rate will receive 200 spirit points. Please download the class trip donation form here or click here to donate online.

Donations made by Tuesday, January 29, 2013 will be eligible for spirit points.
HS Vacation Packages Campaign ends February 15, 2013.

As a reminder, our annual Gala provides the financial support that makes many of our school programs possible. As a pre-K through 12 school, we invite the entire community to play a role in supporting our school. From grade projects to class baskets to high school vacation packages, all of these help raise funds for our students and programs. Our high school classes each donate a trip as an item in the Live Auction. You make this possible through your donations.

How are the vacation packages chosen?

At a recent class meeting, each class (Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors) brainstormed ideas for the ideal vacation package they want to donate to the Gala. Each class raises money to cover the cost of their dream trip. If a class succeeds in raising the funds they need, they get to plan their perfect package. If they don’t raise enough dollars, they revise their trip plans.

What are spirit points?

During Catholic Schools Week (January 28-February 1), each class will receive spirit points based on a variety of events and activities, including the class-sponsored vacation donations. Points will be awarded based on participation. The class with the highest participation rate will receive 500 points. The class with the next highest participation rate will receive 400 points, then 300 points. The class with the lowest participation rate will receive 200 spirit points.

How much should I donate?

We respectfully request a minimum donation of $25 per high school student. The donation is considered a family donation, so each child will receive credit for spirit points during Catholic Schools Week, regardless of the amount. However, for families with more than one student, we highly encourage a donation of $25 per student so that each class succeeds in creating the special trip that they have chosen for the Gala. All donations are tax-deductible. Donations of $100 or more are also eligible for our Procurement Contest.

Thank you for your support of the 2013 Gala! We hope you will join us on April 27!