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Lunar Launch of the 2013 Gala–Let’s Fly to the Moon

Crowds cheered at the 2013 Gala, Fly Me to the Moon kick off assembly. The SSMO Foundation announced the out of the this world event. The assembly began as the students watched the historic Moon Landing video and then counted down together the launch of our Gala.

Teachers became astronauts as they jumped in Intel Bunny Suits and moonwalked to the cheers of preK-12 students. The teachers competed in space themed relay events such as, crater jumping on a hippity hop, rocket running in a cardboard space capsule and moonwalking with Star Wars helmets. The space crew from the Elementary School landed on the moon first. They marked their win with a victory lap around the gym, waving the Valiants’ flag.

The launch was a successful mission. By the sounds of the crowd in the gym, it was clear that our school is ready for take off to the 2013 Valley Catholic Benefit Gala, Fly Me to the Moon. Start packing your bags! We will depart on April 27, 2013 from the Hilton Executive Tower, Downtown Portland.


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