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Gala Volunteer Opportunities

Valley Catholic
Benefit Gala • April 27, 2013

Volunteer Opportunities 

Yes—I want to help raise
money for our school!

The following descriptions are very brief and are meant to provide a general sense of what each committee does. Signing up for a committee will not commit you to participate in all of the activities but is an indication of your interest. Should you join a committee, feel free to participate only in the tasks you would enjoy.


___ CATALOG (Jan–March): Help with creative writing and proofreading. Flexible, up to 30 hours.
___ CLASS BASKETS, K – 5th Grade (Jan–March): Get to know classroom parents and utilize your organizational and creative skills by gathering items for your class baskets.  These baskets raise funds for our students at the Gala. Up to 20 hours.
___ GRADE PROJECTS, K – 8th Grade (Sept–March): These masterpieces are created by students and parent volunteers and are sold at the Gala. Sign up to help with your child’s class! Flexible, coordinators get 30 hours.
___ COMMUNICATION (Dec–April): How are your communication skills? Help spread the word about our
Gala by coordinating and helping with Gala communications including bulletin boards, campus signage, off campus news and more! Flexible, up to 30 hours.
___ DECORATIONS (Oct–April):  Work with a team to help design and produce event centerpieces and decorations. Includes meetings and/or work sessions before the event and set-up the day of the Gala. There may be some projects that can be done at home. Flexible, up to 30 hours.
___ LIVE AUCTION SET UP (April):  Help set up live auction displays and assist with Gala set up as needed.  Up to 8 hours.
___ PROCUREMENT (Sept–March): Be a part of this fabulous team! Help to brainstorm great packages, send letters, make follow-up phone calls and help pick-up items. Flexible, up to 30 hours.
___ RAFFLE (Jan–April): Help promote and track raffle, student assemblies & incentives. Flexible, up to 30 hrs.
___ SILENT AUCTION (March–April): Help with packaging, planning, & preparing silent auction room. Up to 30 hours.
___ VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR (Sept–April): Coordinate volunteers in the months prior to the Gala and help coordinate volunteers during event. Flexible, up to 30 hours.
(March–April): Grab your ribbon and scissors! Assist in creatively showcasing and accessorizing silent auction baskets and displays. Up to 30 hours.


Gala Night:

___ HOSPITALITY (Gala Night): Greet guests at the Gala, seating and hospitality. 8 hours.
___ RETRIEVAL (Gala Night): Needed night of the Gala.  Gather and have purchased items ready for pick up by guests. Verify purchased items are delivered to correct guest. This role can fulfill up to 6 volunteer hours.
___ PICK-UP AND DELIVERY (Gala Weekend): Bring your truck and show us some muscle!  Help with transportation of all items to and from the venue. Up to 12 hours.
___ CLEAN UP / TEAR DOWN (Gala  Weekend): Assist the night of the Gala and day after cleaning up and tearing down all rooms used for the Gala. Get props and other items packaged and ready for transport back to the school. Up to 5 hours.