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High School Class-Sponsored Vacation Packages

Today we kicked off the 2013 Gala! Tradition holds that our high school classes each donate a trip to be a part of the live auction. We ask that each high school family contribute to cover the cost of these high school vacation packages. Please download the donation form here.

What is a Class-Sponsored Vacation Package?

Every year at the annual Valley Catholic School Gala (formerly the Auction) each high school class donates a vacation package to be auctioned off during the Live Auction portion of the Gala.  We appeal to each family to contribute the cost of a class-sponsored vacation package.  Funds raised are dedicated to operating expenses that make many of our programs possible.

How are the vacation packages chosen?

At a recent class meeting, each student’s class brainstormed ideas for their class-sponsored vacation package.  Each respective class (i.e Freshmen, Sophomore, etc) is then challenged to raise money to cover the cost of the trip they plan to contribute to the Gala.  If the students’ class succeeds in raising the required funds they will be able to plan their preferred vacation package. If they do not, they must revise their package.

What are spirit points?

During Catholic Schools Week (Spirit Week), each class will be awarded spirit points based on a variety of events and activities, including the class-sponsored trip donations.  Points will be awarded on a scale from highest to lowest participation rates, with 500 spirit points going to the class with the highest participation rate, and 200 points going to the class with the lowest participation rate.

How much should I donate?

We respectfully request a minimum donation of $25 per high school student.  All donations are tax deductible. Donations of $100 or more are eligible for the Procurement Contest.

What if I have more than one child at Valley Catholic?

The donation is considered a family donation, so each child will receive credit for spirit points during Spirit Week, regardless of amount.  We highly encourage that a donation of $25 per student be made in order for each class to succeed in tailoring their preferred class-sponsored trip.  Please indicate your student(s) name and grade at the bottom of the donation form.